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Business Optimization

As a business owner, you need real time specifics on your business to optimize performance. The ability to determine business metrics such as at a glance profitability will help guide you to make critical decisions.

Resource Tracking

Tracking elements of your enterprise, Employees, Vehicles, Tools and more provide you unparalleled real time metrics on your business. Determine not only where a crew is located but also what they’re doing.

Advanced Reporting

Reports once meant loud clacking printers generating reams of paper. We don’t need to kill trees to have a comprehensive view on your Enterprise Resources!


FenceForce Project Management helps you manage multiple projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility.

How it works

Gain Customers

Your customers are the heart and soul of your business.

We help you acquire more customers by providing integration to marketing platforms, data analysis and even people to help in your Customer Service.

Track Performance

The work – You need to track who is doing what, where and how it’s being done.

We provide you unprecedented
tracking of field crews, maintenance, warranty and returns (temporary fencing).

Collect Revenue

Accounting integration saves you time and effort.

Your billing - We provide you the option to automatically integrate directly to QuickBooks (and other accounting software). Never enter an invoice again.


Our Distinctive Features

Your business needs Software to manage your enterprise. 

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We’re delighted when you are. Creating software to run your business can mean thedifference between missing payroll and making it. Businesses entrust their livelihood to us and we take it seriously. Good software can mean the difference between taking a vacation without worry and adding stress to your life unnecessarily. Let us show you how you can take control of your business with Software from JP Technologies, LLC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide both Fleet (vehicle tracking) and personnel tracking.

Yes. We have a proprietary subsystem that will track fence material and billing. Also we do reminders automatically.

Yes, we integrate with some of the best Fence Materials Management programs and provide complete, end to end Material and Enterprise Resource Management.

We built you a custom “Calendar – Whiteboard” system. Just drag your resources to the date and release. Your scheduling is done.